Monday, November 28, 2005

Xpression Remix

I put together a little remix of videos from Chris Ritke, Michael Verdi, Steve Garfield, Chuck Olsen, Ryanne Hodson and others who participated in or contributed to the XpressionVlog event at the Ex'pression College of Digital Arts on November 18th, 2005. The voiceovers are sampled from Dave Toole's presentation. Music is from the track named "Clear" found at Regular Cat with Headphones, on the Internet Archive.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Mia Garlick of Creative Commons

Mia Garlick gives a basic explanation of what Creative Commons is all about and how it relates to re-mixing and videoblogging. This is an MP3 recording of a 23 minute presentation that was delivered at the Ex'pression College of Digital Arts during the Outhink sponsored XpressionVlog event on Friday, November 18th, 2005. Click the icon to listen. Opening music is 'Eventide' by Saros. Here is the link to the Creative Commons moving image contest winners that Mia mentions in her talk.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

More Ex'pression Posts

Joseph Daniel Lasica (JD to his friends), has posted about his experience at Ex'pression.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Backstage With The Students

Here's a short clip showing the equipment we were using in the video editing booths while the Ex'pression College event was going on. Here, Fernando, Chris Ritke, Richard Pascual and I try to figure out how to capture from the digital tape into Final Cut Pro. This was a first time experience for all of us (I had never even held a DV tape before). Luckily, we had help from Jon Scanlon of Ex'pression. Thanks Jon!

Jon got us going, but we ditched FCP and used iMovie instead. It was easier as none of us knew FCP!

Then we got our next suprise: unsynced audio!

Schlomo's Introduction

Schlomo Rabinowitz was the emcee for our Ex'pression College videoblogging and personal media presentation event. During the intro, he shows Chuck Olsen's classic video from the Fine Line bar. I could not bring myself to stop recording or edit it out and so this is a bit long of a video, but great for re-mixing.

Alex Woodard Performs "Wonderful"

Here is an mp3 of the audio captured from the event, including Schlomo's introduction. This is released under a Creative Commons license of "Atribution-NoCommercial-ShareAlike" so you are free to re-mix! Tag you re-mixes with .

Monday, November 21, 2005


In preperation for the event I reached out to some friends as I was gathering content for my presentation. I was looking for video on why we are so passionate about personal media.
I got pumped when after a few hours Steve Garfield used SpinXpress to send me this video clip about why he is so turned on to the power of personal media. Within a few hours after that more videos from others came into my SpinXpress group so that JD Lasica and I could share them with the students, less than a day later we were in front of the students with our remix of why we are so passionate about personal video. More to come.............................

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Ted Tagami's Re-Mix

What an amazing experience. I want thank you Markus for setting up this site, and to Dave and Schlomo for putting this together. I met some cool folks, learned some new things, and had a great time.

Here is my vid from yesterday's events. Before the shoot, I was lucky and had a chance to ask Alex about song writing. He goes on to share with us how the meanings of songs change over time. Seems to mix well with shots of his old Gibson. Does anyone know Ike's full name?

I now know I will have to plan in advance in order to try and pull this off well. I would like to do this again. Do we have the audio from the talks while we were in the editing rooms?

Friday, November 18, 2005

Patrick and Ted's Expression Videoblog

Here is our experiment in Videoblogging!!

Fernando & Markus' Ex'pression Vlog Post

Here is Fernando Macias' video for the Ex'pression event. A shout out to Yuri Luedemann for his great help.

Anthony & Enric's Ex'pression Vlog

Shot and edited on 11/18

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Ex'pression College of Digital Arts
Schlomo, Dave and I went over to Ex'pression, to set up for the big event. There are a bank of Final Cut Pro editing rooms, each with a Mac G5, dual monitors and a great workstation area. This is where the student videobloggers will edit the video they capture during the live music portion of the event. Here's a little video that I shot on the way back from visiting Ex'pression.

Monday, November 14, 2005


Welcome to the XpressionVlog! This is a special vlog we set up for use in conjunction with the Outhink sponsored personal media and videoblogging event to be held Friday, November 18th at 1pm. The event is taking place at the Ex'pression College for Digital Arts in Emeryville, California.

Alex Woodard is a musician and will perform some of his songs. Mentors and students will videoblog the event and we will upload audio and video clips for use in re-mixing. Here is a list of the presenters.

Alex Woodard -
JD Lasica -,
Mia Garlic -
Dave Toole -
Chris Ritke -
Schlomo Rabinowitz -

We will be posting audio and video clips from the event that anyone can use and re-mix.

Featured Musical Act is Alex Woodard

Alex Woodard will play some of his songs, including "wonderful". Here is a recent review of Alex's work.

Here are the lyrics and Windows Media and Real Player samples from Alex's album.

Here's high and lo-fi MP3 downlaods.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Tags and Bookmarks

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Here is the Technorati page for the tag "xpressionvlog".

Here is the page for the tag "xpressionvlog".

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Videoblogging at Ex'pression

This is a vlog for the videoblogging event at the Expression College of Digital Arts put on by Outhink.

This site is under development and will go "live" next week. For now, it is a place to collect links and notes and stock footage related to the event.

Update: we're live!